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Coaching skills for managers + leaders


Leadership With Courage is a leadership development program that brings coaching skills to managers and leaders within organizations, helping them to cultivate more positive relationships, more innovative and effective organizations, and create workplaces people want to belong to.


*how many people in your organization would say that?

What we do

Leadership With Courage brings coaching skills to managers and organizations, helping to create workplaces people are excited to show up for. We go beyond boilerplate–we’re not about dropping a motivational keynote and leaving it at that. We break down the skills and habits that develop courageous leaders, and we help teams to connect and communicate in ways that make the overall organization more effective.


Empower your Leaders

Managers and leaders who use coaching skills with teams improve efficiency, communication, teamwork, morale, and individual accountability. Whether you know your organization has active challenges that need solutions, or you’ve got a high-functioning organization seeking excellence, Leadership With Courage will help you leverage coaching skills to better your teams.

Bring Courage + Connection

We all know that boilerplate workplace interventions don’t work. People respond to what’s authentic and real, and they’re inspired when organizations bring courage + connection to the table. Courage isn’t something you’re born with. It’s a set of habits that become embodied over time in the people willing to practice them. Connection doesn’t happen by accident; it’s cultivated consciously by the org.

Skills + Ongoing Learning

We take an active interest in the organizations we partner with–we’re in it with you to create lasting, effective change. To do this, we combine a mixture of pre- and post-session surveys of stakeholders and employees, real-time demonstrations, experiential practice with the skills, and supplemental self-paced learning modules to empower organizations to keep the skills alive.

Get a Pulse

When we work with an organization, we survey both stakeholders and employees, to find out where desired outcomes are aligned and to see what other innovative ideas can be brought to the table. Give everyone in your organization a voice.

Experiential Learning

Our facilitators get in there and do–your team will begin applying skills in real-time, with guided support.  The people who are excited to work with us know they aren’t going to sit back and watch a slide presentation. They’re going to get active practice through skill drills and feedback.

"I love working here!"

Low morale, burnout, high turnover, difficulty attracting + retaining top talent, feeling like every day is a new fire to put out…these are all signs of organizations that don’t have a cohesive culture with every team member pulling for the goal, together. Let’s change that. Make your organization a place people are excited to show up for, and you’ll see a drastic change in accountability, efficiency, and profitability.

leadership is a skill.

so is courage.

Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Courage isn’t something you’re born with; it’s a skill-set that becomes habitual the more often you use it. Leadership With Courage breaks down the essential coaching + courage skills that make organizations more effective. We use an experiential model where demos and examples are followed by invitations for real-time practice within the community. Expect plenty of fumbling, do-overs, vulnerability, and awkwardness as you learn…all to get to the gold: creating a work environment people are excited to show up for.

The new world of work expects organizations to create cultures that people want to *belong* to. As employees seek greater work-life balance and power structures that are effective rather than simply hierarchical for hierarchy’s sake, organizations that respond to this changing world of work will be poised to do better.

happy team members.

happy organizations.

life-changing habits

powerful coaching modules

people trained in our methodology


Our process

We aren’t about applying a band-aid or attempting a quick-fix dash of motivational speaking, before making an exist. We partner with organizations interested in working together for approximately 3 to 6 months, learning and implementing the coaching skillset with their teams. 

habits of effective leaders

First, we meet with stakeholders during the Survey Phase, and we conduct surveys within your organization.

After assessing survey results and areas for improvement, we enter the Skill + Learning Phase where we deliver our 6-module coaching curriculum, and help partners practice the coaching skills with guided feedback.

Overlapping all of us is Ongoing Support–we offer one-on-one coaching, skill-drill refresher sessions, conflict management coaching, or self-paced online learning support, depending on the needs of your organization.

  • Survey phase
  • skill + learning phase
  • ongoing support

Our team

Our team has a collective background in business, psychology, education, curriculum, executive coaching, behavioral change, and organizational design. We’ve facilitated training programs both virtually and in-person, for participants hailing from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, and South America. We bring a holistic, experiential, and intersectional lens to our facilitation and team building.

kate swoboda executive coach

Kate Swoboda
PCC, MA Psychology, Director of Training

Kate Swoboda is a life coach, Director of Training for the ICF-accredited Courageous Living Coach Certification, and author of the books The Courage Habit and The Gift of Coaching. The Courage Habit was endorsed by New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink and named a “top book on habits” by BookRiot. Kate has nearly 20 years of experience teaching and facilitating, including work in student learning outcome development and curriculum design. She is the host of The Your Courageous Life podcast, The Craft of Coaching podcast, and The Courage Habit podcast. Her work has appeared in Forbes, USA Today, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good, the BBC, and other publications, and she’s a frequent podcast guest on the subject of habit-formation and the psychology of courage and emotional resilience.

lara heacock executive coach

Lara Heacock

Lara is an Executive Coach who brings 20+ years of work in Corporate America, from small privately-held firms to multi-national organizations. She has over a decade of experience in recruiting and leadership, has managed geographically dispersed teams, and mentored and coached associates in the US and abroad. Lara has an MBA, is an ICF certified coach, award-winning writer, Huffington Post author, and in-demand speaker. She co-hosts the Doing (good) Business podcast and runs popular personal development blog Lara is obsessed with how we change the culture of corporate America from one that’s stuck in a patriarchal and bureaucratic communication style to one that’s rooted in kindness as a tool for change.

nariah broadus executive coach

Nariah Broadus
PCC, MS Education

Nariah Broadus (she/her) is a leadership and career coach who helps people take control of their career so they feel empowered and get the recognition they deserve. In addition to individual clients, Nariah works with organizations to design and deliver customized talent development and coaching solutions with an emphasis on managers, early-career professionals, and BIPOC team members. She has more than twenty years of experience working with complex organizations, including roles in fundraising, communications, and executive education. Nariah holds a BA in Spanish and a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration. Her coaching work can be found at

what else is possible for your org?

As COVID-19 has forced many companies into virtual workplace arrangements, disrupted organizations, and lead so many people into the land of burnout, it’s time for a re-set. It’s time to stop treading water, and start creating a workplace where employees thrive + have the bandwidth to be fully committed to themselves and the organization.

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