Coaching skills for managers + leaders


Leadership With Courage is a leadership development program that brings coaching skills to managers and leaders within organizations, helping them to cultivate more positive relationships, more innovative and effective organizations, and create workplaces people want to belong to.

leadership with courage


*how many people in your organization would say that?

leadership is a skill.

so is courage.

Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Courage isn’t something you’re born with; it’s a skill-set that becomes habitual the more often you use it. Leadership With Courage breaks down the essential coaching + courage skills that make organizations more effective. We use an experiential model where demos and examples are followed by invitations for real-time practice within the community. Expect plenty of fumbling, do-overs, vulnerability, and awkwardness as you learn…all to get to the gold: creating a work environment people are excited to show up for.

The new world of work expects organizations to create cultures that people want to *belong* to. As employees seek greater work-life balance and power structures that are effective rather than simply hierarchical for hierarchy’s sake, organizations that respond to this changing world of work will be poised to do better.

happy team members.

happy orgs.

what else is possible for your org?

As COVID-19 has forced many companies into virtual workplace arrangements, disrupted organizations, and lead so many people into the land of burnout, it’s time for a re-set. It’s time to stop treading water, and start creating a workplace where employees thrive + have the bandwidth to be fully committed to themselves and the organization.