Coaching skills for managers + leaders


Our team has a collective background in business, psychology, education, curriculum, executive coaching, behavioral change, and organizational design. We've facilitated training programs both virtually and in-person, for participants hailing from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, and South America, training more than 250 people in our methodology. We bring a holistic, experiential, and intersectional lens to our facilitation and team building.

kate swoboda executive coach

Kate Swoboda
PCC, MA Psychology
Director of Training

lara heacock executive coach

Lara Heacock
Lead Facilitator

valerie tookes

Valerie Tookes
PCC, MA Integrative Nutrition.
Lead Facilitator

liz applegate

Liz Applegate
Lead Facilitator

nariah broadus executive coach

Nariah Broadus
ACC, Ms. Education
Lead Facilitator

sabrina caverly

Sabrina Caverly
CLCC, MS Applied Psychology
Lead Facilitator

we partner with you

Research in educational psychology has found that keeping groups smaller and more intimate improves understanding and long-term retention. It also provides more opportunities to customize the curriculum to the specific needs of learners, and give ample time for real-time demonstration, practice, and feedback. Our team has facilitated groups of 50+ people, as well as cohorts as small as 5. We can divide a cohort into smaller configurations as needed, and we contract with additional team members to provide more support, depending on what your organization requires.

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Our process

We aren’t about applying a band-aid or attempting a quick-fix dash of motivational speaking, before making an exit. We partner with organizations interested in working together for approximately 3 to 6 months, learning and implementing the coaching skillset with their teams. 

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